Live Bait

Live Shrimp

Deliveries between 7:15 am - 9 am. (Typically)
We keep our live shrimp frisky by using an outdoor pump to directly jet clean saltwater into three large aerated tanks.

Tail-hooked live bait is a universal bait in the region, good for anything from snook to sheepshead.

Tail-hooked live bait is a universal bait in the region.

Live shrimp is the bait we recommend to all saltwater beginners, but keeping them alive can be a challenge. Shrimp need oxygen in the water to live. We recommend either heading straight to the fishing spot with a bucket and changing the water every 25-30 minutes, or getting an aerator to keep them alive.

An aerator is a pump that is powered off two batteries (usually) that connects to the bait bucket and aerates the water. This way shrimp can last for hours, and not minutes.

Tip: On hot days, putting a frozen water bottle into the bait bucket is a great way to slow shrimp down, keeping them alive longer.

How to Hook a Shrimp.

How to Hook a Shrimp.

What eats on live shrimp?
Pretty much everything loves shrimp, even us. They work great for snook, redfish, sea trout, snapper, grouper, black sea bass, flounder, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, bluefish, and many more.

How to fish live shrimp?
A great way to fish live shrimp in the bay is with two feet of 20lb – 30lb fluorocarbon leader tied to a size #2 or #4 light wire hook. This can be used with either a split shot, or a float. Snook, spotted sea trout, and redfish can be picky eaters so less is more.

Monofilament Nylon vs. Fluorocarbon Leaders
Monofilament leaders reflect light and can sometimes spook fish—especially snook, redfish, and spotted sea trout, so we recommend using a fluorocarbon leader.

Fluorocarbon does not reflect light and vanishes underwater, making it useful for certain situations, like gin clear water. Another advantage is that it does not stretch, meaning better hookups.

The less the fish can see, the better. A small split shot weight cinched above a swivel tied to a 20-30lb piece of fluorocarbon leader is a great rig for the bay and light beach fishing. Add more weight in windy or rough conditions. Use 60lb leader or steel for Spanish mackerel and bluefish because they have razor sharp teeth and can easily cut the line.

If the bottom is rocky or grassy, using a popping cork (float) above the swivel or knot tied to the leader is fun and effective way to see the fish interact.

Bobber or float fishing is great way to gets kids hooked on fishing. Fishing live shrimp on a float is exciting when something takes it under because it is visual. The bobber goes under, fish on.

Note: You never want anything on your leader (it’s supposed to be invisible).


  • Small Bucket: $3.99
  • Floating Bucket: Frabill Flow Troll: $10.99
  • Live Shrimp Prices: $3.50 / Dozen (Regular Size)
  • $4.50 / Dozen (CB’s Select Size) Larger aka Handpicks!
  • Oxygen Tablet: $1.19

Frozen Bait

  • Shrimp
  • Squid (1lb + 5lb)
  • Sardines (1lb + 5lb)
  • Octopus (Grouper/Snapper)
  • Rigged Ballyhoo (great offshore trolling bait)
  • Finger Mullet
  • Sand Fleas – great for pompano off the beach and sheep head
  • Whole Bonita – The best shark bait! We hear use their bellies!
  • Chum because everyone needs some?

During Mid-May – July we carry live crabs for tarpon season.