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Fly Shop

Fly-fishing is becoming quite popular around Siesta Key. When most people think about fly-fishing, they think of rivers and streams, and the movie “A River Runs Through It” occasionally comes up. This art form can be taken to the salt and tested with some of the hardest fighting game fish in our area like snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, jacks, pompano, and tarpon. This intimate way of fishing is relaxing, peaceful, and exciting.

There is nothing like beach fishing for snook on a fly, or sight casting that first fish in the dock light. Snook, redfish, and spotted sea trout are fish most sought after in the bay. When all these fish are caught together, that is considered a “Sarasota Slam”. There are other fish, however, that are just as fun on a fly like the Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and Bonita. For those who want the ultimate challenge, the tarpon or “Silver Kings” migrate off our coast mid-May thru July.

Instead of using flies that imitate bugs, we primarily use baitfish patterns tied with #2, #4, #1/0 hooks that mimic what fish eat certain times of the year. Certain times a year different colors and profiles (sizes) of saltwater flies work better for different fish species. For tarpon much bigger flies #3/0-#9/0 hook size.

Find the perfect outfit
Picking out a fly outfit is easy at CB’s, with a full line of Orvis, Sage, Rio, Redington, Nautilus, Lamson, Tibor, and TFO products. Fly rods for everyone, from lower entry to higher end such as the Orvis Helios 2 and Sage Salt. Combos are available starting at $189.95 that is a perfect beginner/intermediate/backup setup for all skill levels. The Redington Path includes everything: backing, premium saltwater fly line, composite reel, great fly rod, and a travel case. Just need to tie on a fly and your fishing.

Since we have a lot of great brands to choose from, customizing is easy.

If we don’t have it, we can probably order it. Just ask us.

Fly Lines
Fly lines are very important in fly-fishing. Having a line that can hold up in tropical temperatures and saltwater abrasion is crucial. Freshwater fly lines aren’t typically coated the same so they wilt and crack in this environment. Orvis and Rio carry exceptional lines that are proven in saltwater.

Most use 7-8 weight fly lines, but we do have some lighter 5-6wt lines and tarpon 12wt lines.

We stock fly rods and reels for all skill levels and a variety of combos for beginners. We have 8 weight saltwater combos starting at $189.95 (4 piece rod, graphite composite reel, saltwater line, and travel case). For fly lines we carry Orvis and Rio.

Again, if you want a specialized line ask us. We can probably order it for you.

We have a variety of flies from Enrico Puglisi (EP), Orvis, Catch, Salt Flys, and locally tied exclusives. Clousers, deceivers, EP shrimps and baitfish, gurglers, schminnows, spoons, crabs, sand fleas, DTs, and much more.

Just ask a CB’s staff member for any questions. If we don’t have it, we can probably order it.

We have a wall full of Orvis and Enrico Puglisi supplies picked out by our local guides. These supplies include: buck tails, zonkers, super hair, thread, flashes, eyes, glues, fibers, brushes, synthetics, and everything needed to make that perfect fly for the salt. Ask us about our fly tying classes.

We carry Orvis Clearwater rotary fly tying vises for Only $69.95, Saltwater fly tying kits, Toolsets, Bobbins, premium scissors, whip finishers, and much more.

New in stock is the Saltwater Cliff Boxes, we also carry Redington and Orvis fly boxes. Fishpond waterproof and Sage chest packs are high quality and perfect for hours of hassle-free fly-fishing. We carry a full line of Orvis and Fishpond waterproof quality packs.

Orvis-Endorsed Fly Schools
Fly schools are a great way to learn the fundamental art of fly-fishing for saltwater environments. Capt. Rick Grassett and Ed Hurst are Orvis Endorsed guides with many years of proven experience on the water. The instructors go over everything from rod and reel setup and leader construction to what flies to use double hauling and roll casting. This is the perfect class for beginners or anyone looking for a refresher on how to maintain line speed and accuracy.

2011 Orvis-Endorsed Fly Outfitter of the Year