Sightseeing Tours

Capt. Brandon Naeve has been a fishing guide in the Sarasota area for over 25 years.


Capt. Brandon Naeve is offering 4-hour private sightseeing tours by boat of the beautiful waterways in and around Sarasota Bay.

Bring a camera and some binoculars! Sarasota is home to some of the most one of the most extraordinary wildlife, including dolphins, manatees, pelicans, cormorants, ospreys, eagles, white egrets, and sometimes white pelicans, bald eagles, and other exotic birds. Rookeries can be seen on many of the small islands. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture the natural beauty of areas: trees, flowers, mangroves, and wildlife, with your camera.

You’ll also see some spectacular luxury homes and mansions along the waterfront, and the views of the skyline and city are magnificent.

4 hrs for 6 people $400 — Call 941.349.4400

Four Other Ways to Enjoy a Day on the Water

Nothing quite compares to a day on the water. The salty air, sea breeze in your hair, and the sparkling blue waters of Sarasota Bay are an invitation to adventure. The CB’s crew has a wealth of information to share about making the most of that adventure. Check out our store for the latest in cool boating gear and apparel.

Just cruising around the Intracoastal Waterway offers a fresh perspective. On the natural side, you’ll see bird rookeries, dolphins, and manatees and, just beneath the water, another world abundant with sea life.

There are the seagrass flats that are the nurseries for fish, and sandbars where you can stop for a quick swim, or look for seashells. Please remember that these habitats are fragile. Many areas are shallow and shoal easily. This area is the southern end of the world’s largest manatee population, so watch your speed.

Observe low wake areas, and be careful not to disturb seagrass beds.

Looking toward the land, you’ll see beautiful beaches, spectacular waterfront homes and mansions, gardens and green areas, and, of course, some of the best seafood eateries ever.

Here are some ideas for making the most of your day on the water:

1. Fishing
Florida is the fishing capital of the world, and Sarasota is a great place to catch many species of saltwater fish. Snook, redfish, spotted seatrout, snapper, black drum, sheepshead, bluefish, cobia are just a few species that can be caught on artificial or live bait. They also eat flies too.

Grass flats are great for fishing and provide an abundance of smaller creatures and baitfish that larger predators eat.

As water temperatures rise, fish seek the cooler spots, and like the shadows of bridges and other structures. Reefs also produce lots of fish. The structure is good when it gets hotter because the fish are looking to cool down and reefs produce lots of fish as well.

Check out our boat rentals chart to get an idea for fishing spots or ask a knowledgeable CB’s staff member how and where to fish before your outing.

On the chart, you’ll find many local fishing spots that are great for Spotted seatrout, redfish, Spanish Mackeral, pompano, bluefish, snook, flounder, and more. There are also many excellent local fishing guides available to for charter trips who can take you to the best spots.

As for technique, drift-fishing with the wind and using live bait such as shrimp or small
Pinfish is popular. Others have success with fly fishing or tossing artificial lures.

2. Swimming/Snorkeling
There are several beach accesses, islands, and sandbars that are good for swimming and exploring. South Lido Beach is a great access to public grills, bathroom, and beach access.

There are no docks, put plenty of coastline access. We recommend carefully approaching the beach slowly. Be sure to trim the motor up, and check on your boat every 30 minutes to avoid getting stuck when tides change. You can also throw an anchor close to shore and jump off. Our boats have swim ladders to get back on.

There are accesses for snorkeling. Although water clarity can be tough in some areas, on a bright day many fish hang out in the seagrass beds, found nearly everywhere in depths under 7 feet. Chose a sandy spot by the seagrass and set the anchor by hand. Be careful not to disturb the fragile seagrass habitat. Note: It’s also important to never swim, fish, or anchor in the middle of a channel, this is for boats to navigate.

3. Plan-A-Picnic
Stop at some of the most beautiful beaches and have a picnic. South Lido, Midnight Pass, and Snake Island in Venice are great places to get out and enjoy a personalized lunch with the ones you care about most.

Having a picnic on the boat is also a great idea. No ants, no sand, no noisy nearby picnickers. There are many places to anchor up and escape from.

TIPS: Please do not use a charcoal grill on a boat filled with gasoline. We do not allow cooking on our boats for safety reasons. You can bring a grill and take it to the beach, or one of the little islands, but most have public grills anyway.

4. Waterfront Eateries
Arrive by boat to enjoy some of Sarasota's finest restaurants, with choices from old-Florida casual to upscale fine dining with a waterfront view.

Here are some popular choices:

North Restaurants
Marina Jack’s
Old Salty Dog
New Pass Bait and Grill
Dry Dock Restaurant

South Restaurants
Boat Yard
Casey Key Fish House
Pop’s Sunset Grill
Pelican Alley
Crow’s Nest