Fly-Fishing Charters

On a CB’s fly fishing charter, anglers can expect to have a great time on the water with our Orvis-Endorsed guide service. Fly rods and reels are provided, but anglers are more than welcome to bring their rod and any flies they want to try.

Our U.S.C.G. Certified guides provide of all the flies, tapered leaders, and tippets. Boats are equipped with coolers and everything needed for a great day or night of fly-fishing. For extra flies, leaders, tippets, or flies for the trip, head into the Orvis-endorsed fly shop for a great selection of selection of flies, leaders, tools, and much more.

Ask your guide ahead of time what he expects of you to bring. Typically, an 8-weight fly rod is the standard for light inshore fishing. During tarpon season (mid-May – July), using a 12-weight fly rod is the standard, but enthusiasts are going to the 11wt for more sport. The guide is there if you have any questions.

Our Orvis-Endorsed guides understand that fly-fishing--just like all great things, takes patience. Their job is to ensure a safe and fun time on the water and catch some fish. We take pride in our guides.

Most CB’s guides have flats skiffs ideal for fishing skinny water and narrow situations.

Things to bring

  • Sunglasses (For eye protection)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun protective clothing (UPF 30+)
  • Water
  • Non-Skid no marking shoes
  • Fly rod if available

Since the guide is a licensed 6-pack captain, no fishing license is required while on the fishing charter.

Inshore, mainly customers will be fishing the flats for snook, redfish, and sea trout on 7-8 weight fly rods with shrimp, baitfish, and crab patterns. Since the water is typically darker in the bay, using darker flies works well. For fishing grassy bottoms, the Grassett Flats Minnow (tied originally by Capt. Rick Grassett) works well in olive, along with clousers, deceivers, seducers, and variations of EP baitfish.

Typically, it is best to match the color of the baitfish pattern to the bottom your fishing. If the bottom is Sandy and white, try using all white or light chartreuse flies. In the stained water use root beers, olives, blacks, blues, etc. Not always, but that is the rule of thumb.

Certain CB’s favorites like the Grassett snook minnow, or Roy String’s “String bean” fly works great for snook off the beach and in the lights. There are so many different fish anything can happen.

People who fly fish that need a refresher or lesson, can book a guide through CB’s. During certain times of the year we have an Orvis Fly School.

Orvis-Endorsed Fly Fishing School with Capt. Rick Grassett

On November 21st, Capt. Rick Grassett will be taking his students through the art of saltwater fly-fishing from start to finish. The class is only $150 from 8:30-3:30pm and includes lunch, tackle, and use of premium Orvis tackle. The course covers everything needed to pickup saltwater fly-fishing like leader construction, fly profiles, roll casting, the double-haul, and much more. Students after the course should be ready for their next outing. Call (941) 349-4000 to enroll today.

Call Today (941) 349-440 to reserve your next Orvis-Endorsed fly-fishing charter!